Sue Arrowsmith

Sue Arrowsmith is currently a Professor of Law at Nottingham University; a member of the European Commission's Advisory Committee for the Opening up of Public Procurement; Editor of the Public Procurement Law Review; and author of numerous books and articles on public procurement, liability of government and restitution.

Lorna Chicksand

Lorna Chicksand was a lecturer at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. Her specific area of expertise is the impact of the internet on business strategy and supply chain management. Her other areas of interest and research include the impact of regulation on supply chains, in particular the agri-food supply chain.

Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox was the Director of the Centre for Business Strategy and Procurement Management and a Professor in the Business School at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Professor Cox has taught at the Universities of Michigan, Essex, Cambridge, Hull and Birmingham. He has published books and articles related to political economy, business strategy, procurement and supply chain and business management. He has also acted as a consultant and advisor to numerous private sector companies in Britain, Europe and the USA, as well as to public bodies, such as the European Commission, Department of Trade and Industry and HM Treasury in the UK.

Marc Day

Marc Day was a lecturer at Henley Management Centre. He holds a PhD in management science and is an active researcher in the supply management field.

Peter Hines

Peter Hines is Professor in the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School, University of Cardiff. He is particularly interested in the adoption of lean principles in the public and private sector. His work has focussed primarily on value stream managment and network sourcing.

Barry Hough

Barry Hough is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at Southampton Institute. He has written extensively in Public Law, Planning Law and Employment Law, as well as on issues affecting street trading. He is an adviser to the National Pedlars' Federation and maintains close contacts with local authorities in their approach to the regulation of street trading. He has also submitted a paper to the Home Office on possible detailed reform of the current street trading system.

Barry Hough graduated with the Maxwell Law Prize from the University of Exeter in 1980 and, after the successful completion of his masters degree, took up his first University appointment in the Department of Law at the University of Keele in 1982. He has also held appointments at the University of Buckingham and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Paul Ireland

Dr Paul Ireland was a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Business Strategy and Procurement, at the University of Birmingham. His main areas of research interest are the impact of the Internet on business strategy and supply chain management and effective procurement management in the construction industry. He has produced a number of works and articles in both areas.

Richard Lamming

Richard Lamming is Director of the Business School at Southampton University. His work focuses on all aspects of lean supply and recent interests include the problem of transparency in business relationships.

Chris Lonsdale

Dr Chris Lonsdale was a senior lecturer in supply chain management in Birmingham Business School at the University of Birmingham. His specific areas of expertise include the globalisation of business, supply chain strategy and outsourcing. He is a regular contributor to academic and business journals. He is a member of CIPS and is working with a number of public and private sector organisations providing both training and consultancy.

Joe Sanderson

Dr Joe Sanderson is a lecturer at the Centre for Business Strategy and Procurement Management at the Birmingham Business School. His research interests include the impact of regulation on power dynamics in supply chains. His most recent publications include Power Regimes (with Andrew Cox and Glyn Watson), Supply Chains, Markets and Power (Routledge) and Business Relationships for Competitive Advantage (Palgrave Macmillan).

Glyn Watson

Dr Glyn Watson was a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the Centre for Business Strategy and Procurement Management. His principal areas of research interest are the regulation of markets and business strategy, and supply chain thinking. He has produced a number of works in both areas and is currently preparing a volume on the impact of the Single Market, as well as contributing to two volumes on supply chains and supply chain management.