Public Procurement in the European Community Volume II: A Guide to the Procurement Cases of the Court of Justice

Price: 35.00
Author: Sue Arrowsmith
Format: Paperback
No. Pages: 261
Published: October 1992
ISBN: 1-873439-05-9

The Court of Justice has now handed down many decisions on the subject of public procurement, in which it has clarified certain aspects of the public procurement Directives, and explained the way in which provisions of the EEC Treaty apply to procurement. A knowledge of these decisions, and a proper understanding of their legal implications, is vital for all those working and practising in the procurement field.

This volume provides a clearly written and comprehensive guide to the Court's decisions given up to and including January 1992. As well as a careful analysis of the individuals decisions, it includes an introductory chapter to the role and procedure of the Court, and contains basic background information to make the material accessible to those without legal training. An English translation of all decisions discussed is provided in an appendix..