Public Procurement in the European Community Volume I: The Single Market Rules and the Enforcement Regime after 1992

Price: 35.00
Author: Andrew Cox
Format: Paperback
No. Pages: 302
Published: October 1993
ISBN: 1-873439-00-8

Written in non-technical language Volume I provides an introduction to the history behind EC liberalisation of public procurement since the 1950s. The volume also emphasises the reasons for the quickening of deregulation and liberalisation in the 1980s and then outlines in detail the Single Market Rules which came into operation after 1992.

Separate chapters detail the Directives and the new rules for Public Supply, Public Works, the Utilities Sector, Public Services and Remedies and Enforcement. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the legal, political and economic obstacles which may have limited the successful implementation of the new regime after 1992. A final chapter outlines what may have happened when the new system is reviewed..